Current Students

Current UMD Students

Becoming a LARC Major

  • Tour our facilities. Meet with our BLA Chair, Dennis Nola, for a tour of our facilities, including seeing examples of student work, and meet with other faculty, staff, and students in our program. You will also meet with our advisor, Diana Cortez, to take a look at what classes you'll need to take. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

  • Ready? Add or change your major to LARC. You will need to attend a Change of Major Workshop. If you can't find a time that works for you, please let us know!

  • Studio Placement Benchmark (Portfolio). Admission to the studio sequence is contingent upon attaining a successful benchmark review of a portfolio (more information below) to meet content and quality standards for the LARC program. We'll explain everything to you during your tour! View requirements.

  • You're in! Register for Classes. After meeting with Diana, she will remove the registration blocks for your LARC courses. Be sure to sign up as soon as possible! 

  • Questions? Set up an appointment with Dennis Nola ( or Diana Cortez ( or contact us!

Charlotte Yang, LARC student, reflects on AGNR.


Studio Placement Benchmark Review

What if I can’t draw? What will I learn to do?

We’ll teach you! Plus, we have a ton of computer design program at your disposal. You will learn how to beautify urban areas, create sustainable landscapes and even how to deal with some of the current issues such as water and land issues. You will learn how to work with architecture, engineering, art and the sciences in order to create tomorrow’s landscape architecture. Learn to change the world through outdoor spaces.

The Studio Placement Benchmark Review: 

Admission into the studio sequence is contingent upon attaining a successful benchmark review of a portfolio to meet content and quality standards as outlined by the LARC program. Students must earn a minimum of 80 points out of 100. Benchmark portfolio reviews occur in the spring semester. The portfolio also requires a Letter of Application to the Landscape Architecture Program. Each student must write a one-page letter, addressed to the Landscape Architecture Program Faculty. The letter must clearly and concisely state his/her reasons for wanting to be in the Landscape Architecture Program. 

Directions and the application form for the Studio Placement Benchmark are now available.

Studio Placement Benchmark Form

Questions? Set up an appointment with Dennis Nola ( or Diana Cortez ( or contact us!

Advising for Undergraduate Students

All undergraduate LARC students are required to be advised by our Academic Advisor, Diana Cortez, and their assigned LARC faculty advisor (see assignments below). You will have a block on your registration status until you meet with both advisors.

Here are the basic advising steps:

  1. Testudo. Check your Appointment and Registration Status on Testudo. You should plan to have your advising done prior to this date.

  2. Prepare. Review your degree audit and complete a Schedule Request Form prior to your appointment with Diana by finding your advisor using the tabs below (see the 'Schedule Request Form' link under your faculty advisor's tab). Class and advising blocks will not be lifted until you see both Diana and your faculty advisor so please plan ahead! If you are declaring a minor, or already have done so, please make sure to consult your minor advisor to make sure you are on track there as well.

    1. Helpful Links: Degree Audit | GenEd Requirements | CORE Requirements | Four-year plans | Advising FAQs

  3. Meet. Set up an appointment with Diana (Google calendar appointments available)  and with your assigned faculty advisor (below). Do not schedule an appointment during studio time or any other class. If none of the times above fit your schedule you may email Diana to set up a time to meet. Include your UID# as well. 

  4. Register. Complete and sign your digital Schedule Request Form so it may be sent to your faculty advisor for review and final approval. Once approved, your block will be lifted and you can go ahead and sign up for classes on your registration date!

NOTE: The designation of senior, junior, etc. is determined by your credit hours at the university and not by your studio.

Below please find the link to your assigned faculty advisor. Please notify Diana if you do not see your name.

Chris Ellis


Schedule Request Form- Dr. Ellis

  • Thomas Adams

  • Bryce Akers

  • Nicole Cavender

  • Edenilson Contreras 

  • Isiah Dashiell  

  • Kathleen Erwin

  • Carlos Gonzalez

  • Cierra Hargrove

  • Yike Xu

Byoung-Suk Kweon


Schedule Request Form- Dr. Kweon     Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kweon!

  • Delaney Accomando    

  • Kianna Chow    

  • Deanna Cowley    

  • Kane Cunningham    

  • Rahat Duary

  • Bridgette Hammett

  • Ryan Jeon

  • Zaria Stebbins

David Myers


Schedule Request Form- Dr. Myers

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Myers!

  • Elin Fan 

  • Jacob Hess     

  • Maia Kessler 

  • Lital Kirshenboim 

  • Alondra Liriano 

  • Madison Mohan

  • Gabrielle Shelton

  • Emmeline Steuernagle

Dennis Nola


Schedule Request Form- Professor Nola

  • Sanghyuk Lee

  • Karisha Rodrigo

  • Yana Ruzhenkov

  • Zachary Spence

  • Lydia Thompson

  • Hayley Welzant

  • Mara Wolfe

  • Cynthia Yuwono

Jack Sullivan


Schedule Request Form- Professor Sullivan 

Schedule an appointment with Jack!  

  • Grace Barton

  • Mo Lin

  • Luke Peterson

  • Elise Shallbetter    

  • Jack Sickler    

  • Alyssa Steele    

  • Kennedy Thomas-Cogar

  • Theodore Ziolkowski

Naomi Sachs


Schedule Request Form- Dr. Sachs

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sachs!

  • Tyler Cullum

  • Javiera Diaz-Ortiz

  • Mckenzie Fei

  • Andrew Ladd

  • Laura Mardesich

  • Peter Milch

  • Kylie Mittler

  • Chuning Yang

1st-Year BLAs - Dennis Nola


Students not currently in sophomore-senior studio sequence please see Dennis Nola and Diana Cortez. 

Schedule Request Form- Professor Nola


There are over 80 terrific minors at Maryland. Some of the most popular minors that undergraduate Landscape Architecture students take are:*

*Minor courses may conflict with courses required for your major.

For a full list of minors please visit the Minors page: Minors by College/School | Minors Alphabetically.

Please contact Diana ( if you have any additional questions about completing your course requirements for the Landscape Architecture major and taking a minor. Advising for your minors goes directly through the minor program.

For policies regarding to Minors you may visit the Undergraduate Catalog. Go under Chapter 8, Minors (page 800). For a general list you can go to page 11 and see the table of contents.

Financial Aid/Scholarships, Internships, and Study Abroad Programs Can be found on our Resources page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I transfer into the Landscape Architecture major?

A: Students who are interested in transferring into the Landscape Architecture major are welcome to meet with us for an advising session.

Q: How do I become an landscape architecture student?

A: Any student who is interested in landscape architecture can become a landscape architecture major. We strongly encourage you to take at least one landscape architecture (LARC) class (see "BLA courses" below) before declaring though.

Q: What happens if I don't get into studio? Can I still major in Landscape Architecture?

A: Yes. However, your four-year plan will most likely be extended as the studio courses must be taken in order and are only offered during specific semesters. You will first have to successfully meet the Studio Placement Review before you continue in the sequence.

Q: What if I am planning on transferring from another institution?

A: For students currently or previously enrolled at another institution and have not attended the University of Maryland, College Park before, you must first follow the Office of Undergraduate Admission's process to apply as a transfer student. Following the same deadlines, please submit your portfolio to us to determine your studio placement and the duration of your undergraduate curriculum here at UMD.

For any other questions, please contact us!