Our fantastic staff keep the department and program running smoothly for our students and faculty. 

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Aaliyah FloresAdministrative Assistant II 

address: 4291 Fieldhouse Drive

phone: 301-405-4367 fax: 301-314-9308 

  • Agricultural Science and Technology (AGST), including Agricultural Education administrative support
  • Undergraduate student/alumni records management
  • Undergraduate student reflectors, room, and computer access
  • Social media and website editing  
  • AGST events, calendar, and faculty travel coordination
Chris Behnke Portrait

Chris Behnke 
IT Support Associate


office: 2139B Plant Sciences Building

address: 4291 Fieldhouse Drive

phone: 301-405-7463 fax: 301-314-9308

D. Diana Cortez

Diana Cortez

Lecturer and Academic Advisor


address: 4291 Fieldhouse Drive

phone: 301-405-4359 fax: 301-314-9308 

  • Prospective student inquiries and tours
  • Academic Programs Support
  • Course design
  • Course scheduling
  • Academic reports
  • Academic website updates
Meghan Fisher-Holbert

Meghan Fisher-Holbert

Agricultural Technician Supervisor


  • Supervise Greenhouse Personnel
  • Support Research Activities
  • Setting and Monitoring Environmental Controls
  • Implement IPM Program and Nutrient Management
  • WPS Compliance
Marcina Garner Portrait

Marcina Garner
Executive Administrative Assistant

Office of the Chair

  • Assistant to the Chair-External Relations
  • Departmental and Extension support for related events, calendars, and travel coordination
  • Seminar (travel coordination)
  • External-related event scheduling for Agricultural Education and Extension Program 
  • Alumni records management
  • Departmental reflectors
  • Social media and website editing  
  • Website management
  • Assistant to Chair (Internal Relations)
  • Liaison w/ external stakeholders
  • Coordinator for Plant Science
  • Committees- scheduling, membership, correspondence
  • Support for Merit and Awards Committee, Third Year Review and APT processes
  • Governance Documents
  • Calendars, internal 
  • Staff Hiring Coordination with Business Office
  • Parking Coordinator; Search Committee Coordinator
Wennett Jones Johnson

Wennett Jones-Johnson

Business Manager


  • Account management-Unrestricted Research
  • Contractual hires (ex: C1, C2, PostDoc)
  • Travel (primary POC)
  • J1-OPT, H-1B, F1 Visa processing; Visiting scholar requests
  • NRA payroll forms
  • Pre-Award review and main point of contact with
  • AgPAS for proposals
  • Monitors expiring appointments
  • Departmental Purchasing and Travel Card holder
  • Payroll processing
  • Departmental telephone and cellular representative

Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller

Business Service Specialist

  • Account management-Start-up accounts
  • Account management-Cost-share accounts
  • Foundation and Scholarship accounts
  • Student Award disbursement
  • Greenhouse bench and growth chamber billing
  • Undergraduate and hourly graduate student hiring
  • Key and swipe card requests
  • Payroll processing
  • Miscellaneous accounting and business projects as necessary
Michelle Neff

Michelle Neff

Director of Financial Services

  • Account management-State accounts
  • Departmental budgeting
  • Graduate assistants
  • Lecturer agreements
  • Tenure-track hires (coordinate with Office of the Chair)
  • Staff hires
  • Course budgeting
  • Purchasing card/Travel card review and management
  • Federal Work-Study contact for the department
  • Summer Salary
  • Oversee Payroll for department
  • Assist Chair with departmental strategic planning
  • Travel (backup)
Sydney Wallace

Sydney Wallace

Greenhouse Manager,

Plant Growth Facilities Manager

  • Plant Growth Facilities Operations and Maintenance
  • Plant Care Supervision
  • Space Allocation