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Sarvis Empowerment Cafe to be completed with state funding

Professor Dennis Nola, the co-founder and acting President of the Board of Directors of CKAR, CDC, and several of his classes have worked for years on designing and (now) constructing this empowerment cafe. Read more about UMD LARC's involvement in the project! 

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Diane Jones Allen inspires faculty and students with her lecture

Allen gave a lecture to the Landscape Architecture department, which had a remarkable effect on both students and faculty members. Read more about Allen's lecture on the importance of community engagement in the design process. 

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Landscape Architecture Department listed as a Top Research Program in U.S.

The UMD Landscape Architecture Department was listed as a Top Research in the U.S and Dr. Byoung-Suk Kweon was recognized as the top 9th most cited faculty member nationwide. 

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Dr. Jenny Roe's lecture raises important questions for students

Dr. Jenny Roe gave a lecture to the Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Departments. Read to find out more about the lecture and Dr. Roe's Research!

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"Cultivating Place" hosts Dr. Sachs

Dr. Naomi Sachs was hosted on the public radio program and well-respected gardening podcast Cultivating Place: Conversations on Natural History & the Human Impulse to Garden.

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