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Image of Michaela Ada

Micaela Ada

BS, Kinesiology, University of Maryland

Micaela joined PSLA shortly after earning her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at the University of Maryland. Through her undergraduate studies, she discovered an affinity for the relationship between the natural and built environment, and human physical health. She is pursuing landscape architecture as her avenue to creating a positive impact at this nexus, which she continues to explore through her involvement with the NatureRx@UMD lab. Looking particularly at urban settings, Micaela intends to focus her graduate studies on understanding how environmental design creates and encourages active communities and supplements overall health.

Picture of Daniel Bentley

Daniel Bentley

BS, Plant Science / Urban Forestry, University of Maryland

As a lifelong Maryland resident, Daniel is acutely aware of the unique ecosystem at work in the Chesapeake Bay area. Years spent fishing, camping, and hiking the forests of Maryland have fostered his curiosity for these natural environments. His plant science background enables him to see the intricate connections between these ecosystems and the humans who call this state home. Daniel’s passion for developing a thriving urban tree canopy has led him to his graduate studies in the Landscape Architecture Program. He hopes to use his tools and knowledge to improve the future urban tree environment in the Mid-Atlantic and abroad.

Image of Erin Callahan

Erin Callahan

  • Human-centric urban design
  • Urban and community gardens
  • Community-based planning
Audrey Fann Portrait

Audrey Erin Fann

BS, Texas Tech University, 2018

Audrey has a background in natural resource management with a concentration in conservation science.

Audrey has a rich history in working with animals, including interning at two accredited zoos. She wants

to create stimulating zoo enclosures that allow animals held in captivity to thrive. After joining the

landscape architecture program, she gained an interest in restoring natural habitats focusing on

threated or endangered animals. Audrey’s goal is to work with a firm that has a similar interest in

conservation and restoration, whether small or large scale.

Image of Lauren Gray

Lauren Gray

BA, Flute Performance, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2017

Lauren’s background in music performance has fueled her interest at the intersection of sound and the landscape. Her musical experience makes her uniquely qualified to research, analyze, and communicate across disciplines to engage both the soundscape and landscape. Lauren’s work looks to compose both the soundscape and landscape in urban parks, acknowledging the environmental conditions and the cultural identity of the space.

Image of Allison Jones

Alison Jones

MPS, Sustainable Landscape Design, 2014, George Washington University  

MFA, Painting, 1997, George Washington University

BA, Art History/Studio Art, 1985, Oberlin College

Alison has a background in art history, painting, and sustainable residential design. She is interested in how we perceive the environment through all our senses and how this knowledge can be applied to the design of restorative public landscapes. Her pursuits invite interdisciplinary collaboration and draw on environmental psychology, cognitive neuropsychiatry, aesthetic theory and experience, and ecological science and application. Happiest with her hands in the soil, she derives great satisfaction and solace from tending her exuberant garden.

Image of flower

Jonathan Mallory

BA, Philosophy, Geneva College

Jonathan Mallory discovered landscape architecture by taking an environmental history course during his undergraduate career and has worked extensively in the field of landscape maintenance. He has interned with the firm VIKA and is studying the intersection of landscape design and healthcare. In his studio work, he has strived to create spaces that renew the earth and uplift the human spirit.

Bryn Martin Portrait

Bryn Martin

BA, Psychology, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Bryn Maeve Martin first learned about landscape architecture when she was studying psychology at UMBC, with a focus on social psychology and health psychology. From the first time she read about landscape architecture in an article, she felt drawn to the field by the prospect of improving the health of humans and the environment through design. She is interested in strengthening communities, infrastructure, and ecologies through the design of the built environment. She is particularly interested in the planning, design, and management of urban green infrastructure as a strategy for climate resilience.   

Image of Katherine McCormick

Katherine Hope McCormick

BS, Landscape Management, Brigham Young University

Minors in Environmental Science and Business Management

Katie McCormick comes to the field of landscape architecture through careful preparation and with the intent of using her skills to contribute to positive change. Her interests include stormwater management, environmental sustainability, and urban design. Her studies at BYU encompassed plant science, horticulture, landscape design, and business management. She has spent the last three years working for a high-end residential landscape firm in Bethesda, Maryland. She loves her job, her colleagues, and her clients, using the landscape as her canvas. Katie is a life-long learner of languages and music. When not tending to one of her client’s gardens, you can find her dabbling in her own garden or spending time in nature.

Image of small red flowers

Aliya Mejias

BA, Environmental Studies, American University

Growing up in a suburb of New York City, Aliya Mejias witnessed firsthand the impacts that sprawl has had on our ecology. This instilled a deep appreciation for sustainable and resilient design. After completing her BA in Environmental Studies, she became drawn to landscape architecture because of its holistic approach to solving problems and its intersection with urban planning and environmental justice. An avid bike commuter and enthusiast, she is interested in the Complete Streets model to promote green infrastructure in urban cities to restore ecology, increase access to green spaces, and manage stormwater runoff. 

Image of Flower


Kelsey Moody

BA, English Language and Literature, University of Maryland

Shortly after she graduated from the University of Maryland, Kelsey spent a year in Colorado volunteering with a nonprofit, which led her to the healthcare and social work sectors. During this time, she saw how people gained strength and renewal in nature. She became fascinated by the way physical environments influenced human health and well-being. After learning more about how landscape architects design spaces to shape how people interact with the world around them, Kelsey decided to pursue a career in landscape architecture to combine her love of working with people with her love of art, the outdoors, and design. Her areas of focus are therapeutic design and community engagement. 

Picture of Emma

Emma Podietz 

BA, Environmental Studies and Latin American Studies, New York University

Graduate Certificate in GIS, Temple University

Emma is a third-year master's student in the Landscape Architecture program, with a background in art, environmental studies, and geographic information systems (GIS). She is interested in the integration of ecological science with landscape architecture. Her thesis focuses on the application of ecological succession theory to the design and management of urban public parks.  

Image of Stephanie Mathais

Stephanie Pully

BS, Environmental Science, UMBC 2012

Stephanie Pully is the State Coordinator for the University of Maryland Extension Master Gardener Program. She has spent many years in the restoration and environmental outreach field working as a Conservation Technician for the National Aquarium’s Field Conservation team. Stephanie enjoys working and learning outdoors and has particular interest in native plants and conservation landscaping. Her interest in landscape architecture stems from a family history in the field as well as a love for public gardens and providing access to beautiful green spaces for all.

Matthew Reise

Matthew Reise

  • Design of public urban green spaces

  • Environmental and ecosystem restoration

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles through outdoor space

Image of Xiajin Ren

Xiaojin Ren 

BS, Ecology, Xiamen University 2019

BS, Ecological Technology Design, UMD 2019


As a “2+2” transfer student from China, Xiaojin had many opportunities to sample multiple classes across various areas during her undergraduate years. She regarded art and design as her hobbies and has always maintained an unabashed passion for nature. After attending one design presentation in the Landscape Architecture Program and visiting a few of the design studios, she recognized that Landscape Architecture is precisely what she wants to pursue as a future career. Xiaojin is particularly interested in therapeutic landscapes and wants to put what she has learned into the creation of better environments for elders who are experiencing physical and emotional aging problems. She also wants to address the mental health issues of young people who face great pressures in modern society.

Christopher Samoray Portrait

Christopher Samoray 

MS, University of Tennessee, 2014

BS, Michigan State University, 2010

Chris Samoray has a background in marine biology and science communication and his work in landscape architecture supports his interdisciplinary interests. For his thesis, Chris is studying climate change issues related to coastal management and user experience in shoreline parks and public spaces. He is interested in issues of sea level rise, coastal flooding, and storm surge in the context of climate change and national parks. Chris’s current work focuses on nature-based solutions to climate change and examines the buffering role of coastal ecosystems, such as tidal wetlands. As part of his work, he is also exploring issues of coastal retreat, place identity, and connecting research with practice. You can learn more about Chris on his website,

Hannah Savio Portrait

Hannah Lee Savio

BA, Classics, Vassar College

Hannah grew up in rural upstate New York. At Vassar, she merged her studies in Ancient Roman Society with a Minor in Geography and developed a thesis about Sustainable Agriculture in Ancient Rome. This preceded various jobs in the agriculture sector including urban farming with youth, flower farming, and work with community gardens. Always finding happiness in green and leafy places, she made the decision to pivot and pursue the MLA at Maryland with the goal of creating that joy for others. She aims to study climate adaptive design and innovative stormwater management.  She has particularly enjoyed working as a teaching assistant and teaching landscape architecture concepts to others.

Jainee Shah Jainee Shah  
Image of Audrey Seiz

Audrey Seiz

  • Urban design

  • Community-based design

Marci-Ann Smith's Flower

Marci-Ann Smith


Landscape Architecture & Community Planning

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Bridget Stokes Portrait

Bridget Stokes

BS, Accounting, George Mason University

Bridget Stokes took a very roundabout way to finally find her passion and pursue landscape architecture. After studying accounting and practicing as a government auditor for several years, her thirst for design and creativity finally gave in. She hopes to be able to combine her savvy business skills with her developing landscape design skills to eventually own her own business. She is fascinated with biophilic design and how incorporating well designed landscapes into urban settings can reduce stress and improve your overall health and well-being. Bridget is the Social Media Coordinator for Student ASLA and is currently working as an intern at a small residential design firm where she enjoys meeting clients and designing outdoor spaces based on their unique needs. 

Image of Crabapple Flowers

William Sullivan

Sebastian Velez-Lopez Portrait

Sebastian Velez-Lopez