Graduate Students

Graduate Students

LARC Graduate Students

Landscape Architecture

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Image of Michaela Ada

Micaela Ada

  • Design for active living
Picture of Daniel Bentley

Daniel Bentley

  • Urban tree environments
Image of Erin Callahan

Erin Callahan

  • Human-centric urban design
  • Urban and community gardens
  • Community-based planning
Image of Cherry Blossoms

Carey Evans

Audrey Fann Portrait

Audrey Erin Fann

Image of Lauren Gray

Lauren Gray

  • The application of soundscape based design theory into the urban landscape

  • Integrating soundscape ecology in urban parks

Image of Allison Jones

Alison Jones

Image of flower


Jonathan Mallory

Bryn Martin Portrait

Bryn Martin

Image of Stephanie Mathais

Stephanie Pully 

  • State Master Gardener Coordinator

Image of Flower


Kelsey Moody

  • Therapeutic Design

  • Environmental Psychology

  • Urban Ecology

Picture of Emma

Emma Podietz

  • Integration of vegetation dynamics theory into long term design of public parks

  • Urban ecological restoration and ecological design

  • Environmental justice

Matthew Reise


Matthew Reise

  • Design of public urban green spaces

  • Environmental and ecosystem restoration

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles through outdoor space

Image of Xiajin Ren


Xiaojin Ren


  • Therapeutic gardens and ecological restoration
Chris Salzano Portrait

Christopher Robert Salzano

Christopher Samoray Portrait

Christopher Samoray

  • Design in the context of sea level rise and climate change 

  • Coastal resilience, adaptation, and management

  • User experience in public lands, such as national forests and national parks

  • Science communication

Hannah Savio Portrait

Hannah Lee Savio

Image of Audrey Seiz

Audrey Seiz

  • Urban design

  • Community-based design

Image of Lotus Flowers


Deborah Siegel

Winter Sims, MLA Student


Winter Sims

  • The importance of green spaces in high populated areas.
  • The importance of accessibility to green spaces in low income areas/ Community Development
  • Green infrastructure
Marci-Ann Smith's Flower


Marci-Ann Smith

Image of Sarah Wallace

Sarah Wallace

  • Principles of forest bathing and Nature Rx@UMD

  • Healing Spaces

Image of Orange Tulips

Yuki Whitley



Landscape Architecture & Community Planning

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Bridget Stokes Portrait

Bridget Stokes

Image of Crabapple Flowers

William Sullivan

Sebastian Velez-Lopez Portrait

Sebastian Velez-Lopez