Graduate Students

Graduate Students

LARC Graduate Students

Landscape Architecture & Community Planning

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Maria Jose Espinoza


Kristina Lois Satterlee

Bridget Stokes Portrait

Bridget Stokes

Sebastian Velez-Lopez Portrait

Sebastian Velez-Lopez

Matthew Rausch Portrait

Matthew Rausch

  • Researching L/A design efforts that employ the principles of street design, specifically principles of the Complete Streets efforts, EPA Green and Sustainable Streets program, and the Main Street USA program (State and National levels)

  • Investigating how these street design approaches can be applied to small rural towns in America where there are efforts to revitalize the community


Landscape Architecture

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Caroline Evans


Audrey Fann Portrait

Audrey Erin Fann


Lauren Gray


Alison Jones


Johnathan Mallory

Bryn Martin Portrait

Bryn Martin


Kelsey Moody



Emma Podietz

Afrouz Rahmati Portrait

Afrouz Rahmati

  • Therapeutics & Healing gardens

  • Botanical gardens and the their role in urban environments


Xiaojin Ren


Sherry Russell


Pamela Parker

Chris Salzano Portrait

Christopher Robert Salzano

Christopher Samoray Portrait

Christopher Samoray

  • Experienced science writer

  • Design interests relate to climate change, particularly in the context of ecological conservation and coastal resilience efforts

Hannah Savio Portrait

Hannah Lee Savio


Lucia Takemiya Serra 



William Hearst Sullivan


Sarah Turner


Sarah Wallace

Shane Wellnitz Portrait

Shane Wellnitz 



Yuki Whitley