LARC 689C Exhibition

Land Art Poster

At Home and Elsewhere: Land Art Under Lockdown

Designed land and land art are subjective constructs of landscape. Artist Roger Ackling describes landscape as, "an outer reflection of an inner state," and Roger Deakin writes, "To enter a wood is to pass into a different world in which we ourselves are transformed." Landscape is agnostic, complicated, contested, embodied, entangled, experiential, a genre, immersive, interpreted, a medium, a metaphor, place, political, sensorial, shaped, sublime, a theme. It can be threatened or threatening, tracked or trackless, unbounded or walled. It is also uncanny. In the tripartite online exhibition, At Home and Elsewhere: Land Art Under Lockdown, graduate students, Jeremy Kunkel, Yuki Whitley and Heidi Zenisek, take on the challenge of making work for a new advanced course, LARC 689C, Land Art: Interventions, Mediations, Meditations, in a semester during which the world turns inward and "walking the land" becomes an exercise in memory, introspection, imagination and extraordinary resourcefulness and creativity.