Creative Design

Naval Yard Central Green by James Corner Field Operations
James Corner Field Operations

Landscape architects embrace all forms of creativity including earthworks, soundscapes, lighting design, metal fabricating, woodworking, stonework, sculpture, mosaics, murals and much more. Every object in the landscape has the potential for beauty when unlocked by a savvy designer, Students are exposed to a wide variety of materials and methods used in design, as well as their creative application as demonstrated in local examples such as Yard's Park urban waterfront in Washington, DC, and Pierce's Park in Inner Harbor Baltimore. Creatively designing with living nature, and with weathering processes, means designing with change so the work is evolving anew for many years into the future.

Examples of Creative Design

Exhale Plaza

Image Source: Mark Larosa

140 West Plaza: Exhale

Landscape Architect Mikyoung Kim designed a fog fountain in this downtown plaza that explores and expresses different phases of the hydrologic cycle. At night, the fog fountain illuminates with color to the delight of visitors and passersby.

Red Ribbon Park

Image source: Rhughes411

Red Ribbon Park

Red Ribbon Park, designed by Turenscape, offers a relaxing walk in nature along the Tanghe River in Qinhuangdao, China. Made of fiberglass, the ribbon is never to hot or cold to be sat on, and can be lit from within at night to provide path lighting.

Supertree Grove

Image source:  williamcho

Supertree Grove

The Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore towers 150 feet above the arboretum gardens below. Grant Associates describes them as a "fusion of nature, art and technology" as they provide solar energy and water cooling for the nearby conservatories.

The Grand Canal Square

Image Source: infomatique

Grand Canal Square

Marth Schwartz designed a "red carpet" with a bustling crowd of light sticks that liven up the walk to this contemporary theater building in Dublin, Ireland. A criss-crossing "green carpet" is planted with marsh vegetation reminding visitors of the site's natural origins.

Hudson Park and Boulevard

Image Source: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Hudson Park and Boulevard

MVVA's Hudson Park provides respite for residents of a Manhattan neighborhood. Curvelinear fountains, seating and gathering areas offer a welcoming contrast to New York City's grid of streets and sidewalks.

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