Plan for Social Distancing

Landscape Architecture: Plan for Social Distancing as of 6/21/2020

The following draft plan will continue to be updated as the health crisis evolves, and university policies change to meet current realities. In all cases, any inconsistency with university guidance should be resolved by following university guidance. To view the latest UMD communication, please visit COVID-19 Updates and Resources.

University of Maryland expects to teach all classes face-to-face this fall. Until then, please follow university guidance as well as our program specific instructions below. 

(Studio courses: LARC 141, 489R, 320, 340, 440, 620, 640, 642, 721, 748)

General Guidance:

  • Studios are closed during the summer for computer replacement and cleaning.

  • Students taking summer classes may schedule use of the printers through their instructors. Instructors must coordinate with staff and program administration. Specific desks will be taped off that students can use to print. Student's swipe cards will be restricted to specified access times. Students will disinfect their hands and studio workstations before and after using them (desk, drafting table, computer mouse and keyboard).

  • Hallways to the faculty offices and laboratories are off limits. Students will come in through the Critique Hall door and ride up the elevator or take north side stairs to the second floor. To exit, students will go down to the first floor using the south side stairs near the break room, then leave through the doors on the north side by Regents Garage.

  • Computing Resources - All design software needed by students in our program is available to students free of charge. In most cases students may download software from and install it on their personal computers. Software that is not available through terpware may be accessed through UMD Graphic Desktop (AGNR), a remote desktop application. NOTE: The graphics desktop will be discontinued on August 1, 2021.

Accessing Studio Safety Requirements:

  • Stay home if you are sick

  • Anyone the is not vaccinated must wear a mask over your nose and mouth at all times when working in the Plant Sciences Building.

  • Within the building, everyone must observe physical distancing and remain at least 6 feet apart.

  • Everyone must follow sanitation protocols when entering the Plant Sciences Building

  • Enter the Plant Science Building using the Critique Hall entrance.

  • Take the elevator to the 2nd floor alone. If someone else is in the elevator then wait until it is empty.

  • Do not walk down the hallways with the faculty offices or labs.  Stay only in the corridor by the studios.

  • When leaving, sanitize your workstation, then take the stairs down to the 1st floor and exit through the doors by the parking garage.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who and how many students will access the space? How often?

  • Classes will be taught in the studio spaces on special occasions set up by the instructor.

  • Students may access the studio workstations in order to send files to the printers or to use specialized equipment.

  • Students may only access the studios by request and must follow a strict schedule.

  • Only 10 students maximum may occupy the undergraduate studios at one time (2148, 2150, & 2152).

  • Only 6 students maximum may occupy the graduate studios at one time (1142, 2154, & 2156). All students must stay at least one empty studio station apart.

How does this correspond to a ratio of about 56 ft2 per student? (Campus is using about 56 ft2 for GPC).

  • Ratios for each room exceed the minimum square foot requirements of the university.

  • Rm 0104 - 1084 sq. ft. divided by 10 undergraduate students maximum equals 108 ft2

  • Rm 0111 - 375 sq. ft. divided by 2 students maximum equals 180 ft2

  • Rm 1144 - 211 sq. ft. divided by 2 students maximum equals 105 ft2

  • Rm 2137 - 748 sq. ft. divided by 10 students maximum equals 74 ft2

  • Rm 1142 - 860 sq. ft. divided by six graduate students maximum equals 143 ft2

  • Rm 2148 - 1090 sq. ft. divided by 10 undergraduate students maximum equals 109 ft2

  • Rm 2150 - 1090 sq. ft. divided by 10 undergraduate students maximum equals 109 ft2

  • Rm 2152 - 1065 sq. ft. divided by 10 undergraduate students maximum equals 106 ft2

  • Rm 2154 - 830 sq. ft. (SSF) divided by six graduate students maximum equals 138 ft2

  • Rm 2156 - 830 sq. ft. divided by six graduate students maximum equals 138 ft2

  • Rm 2157 - 165 sq. ft. divided by one student maximum equals 165 ft2


How will this access be controlled or monitored?

  • Access will be controlled and monitored by card swipe access, computer workstation usage, and printing logs.

  • Students may only access the studios by request and must follow a strict schedule.


How will students enter and leave – e.g. are there controls and separate entry and exit routes to keep students separate.

  • Undergraduate studios have two doors. The entry door is by the swipe card device on the southwest side of the room.  The exit door is on the northwest side of the room.

  • Graduate studios have only one door for entry and exit. Access is via swipe card.

  • For all studios, the entrance doors with the swipe card device will have a hand sanitizer station beside it. Anyone entering the room is instructed to sanitize their hands prior to entering the room.

  •  All occupants of any studio will be instructed to maintain social distancing at all times.


What are your cleaning plans for instruments, equipment and for the general space?

  • Students are responsible for cleaning their space and wiping the door handles before leaving the room.

  • Students shall only work in their own personal desk space and must keep their work spaces organized and free of all trash.


What are your plans for PPE for students and instructors?

  • Students are asked to bring their own PPE. However, supplemental PPE will be provided at the entrance to the Plant Science Building at the Critique Hall entrance. All building occupants will be required to enter the building at that location.

If the course involves field trips or off-campus activities how will you handle this? Students may OPT to use personal vehicles but cannot be required to do so.

  • Instructors will make alternate arrangements for students who decide not to participate in the field trip.