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Winter in New Zealand!

Chris at Cape Reinga, NZ.
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Chris Chima, 4th year BLA student

"I built great friendships, learned to become a better Landscape Architect, and was immersed in a unique cultural experience."

"My study abroad in New Zealand was remarkable. I was able to experience a substantial amount of what the country had to offer in just two weeks. From the mountains and fiords to the beaches and lakes; New Zealand is a spectacle of diverse landforms. In addition, the Kiwis were very welcoming based on my personal interactions with the locals. I also learned about the unique culture and art of the Maoris; the indigenous settlers of New Zealand. Their successful adaptation to western culture and coexistence with European settlers was historic. I went on this trip with 17 other students and 3 professors. Each one of us made distinct observations throughout our journey, which led to interesting discussions during our evening classes. The professors were helpful and knowledgeable about all aspects of Landscape Architecture. Consequently with their help, I improved my journaling, reinforced my sketching abilities, and learned new design strategies.

 Chris Chima, 4th year BLA student)  Chris Chima, 4th year BLA student)

This trip was filled with excitement. I got the chance to kayak Milford Sound, hike Tongariro Crossing, sand board a dune, bungee jump, perform a haka dance, and many more. My favorite part of the entire trip was the 8 hr. hike of Tongariro Crossing. The amazing sceneries of this natural environment were breathtaking; pictures simply can’t do it justice. This course also offered us opportunities for individual and group explorations on our off days. I spent my day off exploring Queenstown and running its trail. Overall, this study abroad was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my college career. I built great friendships, learned to become a better Landscape Architect, and was immersed in a unique cultural experience. I was able to accomplish all of these things while having a whole lot of fun."

-Chris Chima, 4th year BLA student

Above: Chris at the Kiwi Birdlife Park.

Above: Auckland Central

Above:Rob Roy Valley

Above: Winter gardens

Above:Tongariro emerald lakes

Interested in going with Landscape Architecture to New Zealand? Or what about Italy? Any student on campus can apply to go!

You can find more information on the Education Abroad Office website. Our course to New Zealand is LARC 489N New Zealand: Culture and Earth: Transformation and Adaptation. The course for Italy is LARC 489A- Italy: Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Music!

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