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Summer in Italy!

Cristen Williams, 4th year BLA student, spends a few weeks in Italy!
Amanda Oppenheimer, Dennis Nola, and Cristen Williams
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Cristen Williams

 "I learned something new in every city."

"My trip to Italy was a beautiful and eye opening experience. The trip began in the mountainous countryside of Sorrento and ended in the city of Rome.  We visited 5 cities in only 3 weeks! I learned something new in every city. It was interesting to see the similarities and drastic differences of the cities.  For example the terrain in Sorrento is very hilly and heavily vegetated, whereas the terrain in Florence is flat, with no vegetation.  But one thing that always remained the same was the food!  In every city I visited the food tasted delicious and desert was even better. There is a place in Rome that sells every flavor of gelato you can think of.  I think we ate gelato about 3 times a day on this trip!  I am extremely grateful to of had the chance to see such a vibrant culture.

One of the best days I had on the trip was when we visited Villa d’Este.  It was amazing to experience a place in real life that I had only seen in pictures. I wanted to stay there for days.  The fountains and gardens make you feel like you are in a different world.  It is so peaceful and beautiful. When we arrived we were fortunate enough to see a few brides taking pictures for their wedding. This place was my absolute favorite!

If you have the chance to go on this trip, it is a must!  You will come across the most magnificent architecture and landscapes that people only dream of seeing.  The trip greatly impacted my life in a positive way. I also recommend staying longer, if you can, to re-visit places you found interesting."

 -Cristen Williams, 4th Year BLA Student

Interested in going with Landscape Architecture to Italy? Any student on campus can apply to go!

You can find more information on the Education Abroad Office website. Our course is LARC 489A- Italy: Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Music!

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