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LARC student travels to Italy!

LARC489A Italy: Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Music

 "Visiting Italy only confirmed that studying landscape architecture was right for me."

"Studying abroad in Italy was extraordinary, breathtaking, positively overwhelming, and overall an unforgettable experience. In just two and a half weeks, I visited about nine cities, ate more Italian food than I could imagine, became friends with thirteen other amazing students, and saw the most spectacular views.

While exploring each city, we learned about the history of each place, experienced the culture, and constantly shared observations. During the day, we would occasionally stop and spend time sketching. We learned different techniques like pointillism, panorama, small perspectives, and how to use water color pencil. At the end of each day, we would have class and discuss our thoughts and learn about the musical influences of Italy. Occasionally, we would have a free day, so we could explore the city on our own and learn to navigate around ourselves.

My favorite off day was in Verona. I enjoyed being able to wander off and explore on my own time. Italy was celebrating their independence day at the time, so I was able to see several live bands, dance performances, and at the end of the day a beautiful sunset above the water.

Although at the beginning of the trip, everybody was a little shy, after all fourteen of us got to know each other, we were taking several selfies, competing to see who could eat the most gelato flavors, exploring night life together, and creating many inside jokes. Throughout the trip, we made several lists like a quote book, different ways we almost died in Italy, and superlatives which we all shared on our last night together. I would definitely encourage other students to study abroad in Italy as well; even it is outside their major.

Overall the trip was fast paced. We were constantly moving and trying to take in as much as possible. However even in the short amount of time, visiting Italy only confirmed that studying landscape architecture was right for me. I enjoyed visiting each architectural building, plazas, downtown areas, parks, historical sites, and much more. The Italy trip inspired me in so many ways and in the future, I hope to create a space that will be visited by many and enthuse others to pursue to this degree as well."

 -Julia Yu, 4th Year BLA Student

Interested in going with Landscape Architecture to Italy? Any student on campus can apply to go!

You can find more information on the Education Abroad Office website. Our course is LARC 489A- Italy: Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Music!

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