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Visitor Parking Information

There are no cashier attended lots.   Visitors may park in any of the lots where there are pay stations.  Regents Drive Garage is the closest to the Plant Sciences Building; it is across the street from our building. Union Lane Garage, and the Paint Branch Drive Visitor Lot are the next closest to the Plant Science Building.

Procedure to follow:

  1. At the pay station, press any key.
  2. Enter your vehicle space number.
  3. Enter the amount of time.
  4. Insert payment (Cash or Credit Card).
  5. Screen will say “Please wait,” and then give you the option to print a receipt; press OK to receive receipt.


Regent's Drive Garage - 

Visitor Lot – Located on the 1st level

  • The visitor’s parking is a parking lot governed by metered spaces
  • Meters are enforced 7AM- 12AM

Lot’s RR  Lot B Lot 5 

  • Require DOTS Registration 7AM-4PM Monday-Friday
  • Weekdays: Unrestricted (free to guests and visitors) 4PM-7AM
  • Weekends: Unrestricted 4PM on Friday until 7AM on Mondays unless otherwise posted

Guests who wish to park in Regents Drive Garage when lots B, RR, and 5 are unrestricted should be attentive to ensure they are not in a metered space. There are signs in the garage that indicate which lot a vehicle is parked in. The Department of Transportation Services website also has useful maps and directions that may be helpful to you.

Union Lane Garage - If visitors are seeing faculty in HJ Patterson, Union Lane is a 285-space garage situated between the Adele H. Stamp Student Union and Cole Student Activities Building.

Paint Branch Visitor Lot - This is a 187-space surface lot located near the A.V. Williams, Animal Science, and Agriculture/Life Science building. Thirty of the 187 spaces are reserved for permit-holding faculty/staff members and the remaining 157 spaces for visitors.

Click here for a campus map which provides a visual location of these facilities.

Address & Contact Info.

4291 Fieldhouse Drive
(2139A Plant Sciences
Building #036)
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Phone: 301.405.4355
Fax: 301.314.9308

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