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What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape Architecture

combines a love of people, natural systems, design, and hard work.

Landscape architecture, an environmental design profession and discipline, encompasses the analysis, planning, design, management, and stewardship of the natural and built environments. The foundation of landscape architecture education and practice is the application of ecological design in the consideration of abiotic, biotic, and cultural features in conservation, development and restoration projects. Types of projects include: residential site design; parks and recreation; low impact development, monuments; urban design; streetscapes and public spaces; transportation corridors and facilities; gardens and arboreta; security design; hospitality and resorts; institutional; academic campuses; therapeutic gardens; historic preservation; habitat restoration; green infrastructure, reclamation; conservation planning; landscape art and earth sculpture; interior landscapes; and more.

Landscape architecture is one of the most diversified of the design professions. Landscape architects design the built environment of neighborhoods, towns and cities while also protecting and managing the natural environment, from its forests and fields to rivers and coasts. Members of the profession have a special commitment to improving the quality of life through the best design of places for people and other living things.

In fact, the work of landscape architects surrounds us. Members of the profession are involved in the planning of such sites as office plazas, public squares and thoroughfares. The attractiveness of parks, highways, housing developments, urban plazas, zoos and campuses reflects the skill of landscape architects in planning and designing the construction of useful and pleasing projects. 

The American Society Landscape Architects has many videos you can see to learn more! Watch Videos on YouTube: ASLA Video

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"I want to be a landscape architect..."video

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