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Are you interested in a vision of a sustainable and resilient future for natural and cultural landscapes? We are!

We hope you will join us in protecting and restoring sensitive and critical environments, and creating socially equitable, ecologically sustainable, and economically viable landscapes.

Undergraduate Admission and Application

Landscape Architecture is an open enrollment program. If you are not yet a Landscape Architecture major, and wish to switch your major you must attend a Change of Major Workshop with the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources. Faculty advising is mandatory. Please visit our Advising page for more information.

Freshman Admission: The program's goal is to have the greater proportion of program majors admitted as freshmen. All entering freshmen will gain admission to the Landscape Architecture program directly from high school, as space permits. Early application is encouraged to ensure the best possible chance for admission.

Transfer Admission:  Admission of transfer students is limited by space considerations.  Students presenting an acceptable graphic portfolio, evaluated by the landscape architecture faculty, may be exempted from selected courses. Landscape architecture faculty will evaluate all other LARC-equivalent courses transferred from another institution.

The Studio Placement Benchmark Review: Admission into the studio sequence is contingent upon attaining a successful benchmark review of a portfolio to meet content and quality standards as outlined by the LARC program. Students must earn a minimum of 80 points out of 100. Benchmark portfolio reviews occur in the spring semester. The portfolio also requires a Letter of Application to the Landscape Architecture Program. Each student must write a one-page letter, addressed to the Landscape Architecture Program Faculty. The letter must clearly and concisely state his/her reasons for wanting to be in the Landscape Architecture Program. Check out our Studio Placement Benchmark Review FAQs page for more information!

Other Policies Which Determine a Student's Retention in the Landscape Architecture Program:

Appeals:  Students who are unsuccessful in passing the Studio Placement Benchmark Review to the Landscape Architecture program and believe they have extenuating or special circumstances which should be considered, may appeal in writing to the Undergraduate Coordinator. The student will be notified in writing of the appeal decision.

BLA Curriculum: View our curriculum here.

BLA Degree Requirements:  The courses and credit hours that define the curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) are described in the next section.  The curriculum includes required courses for the major as well as additional general education program requirements and electives. Following the successful Studio Placement Benchmark Review, students must have an overall average of a "C" (2.0) to be eligible for the BLA degree.  Students must also have grades of "C-" or better in all required courses with the LARC designation. For more information, please view the Landscape Architecture (LARC) catalog listing on the Undergraduate Catalog.

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Admission application forms and deadlines may be obtained at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Web Site.

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Financial Information

For financial information and other facts, please view the LAAB Public Information page.

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Check out ASLA's Career Discovery brochure on what is landscape architecture!

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