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Studio Placement Benchmark FAQs

Directions and the application form for the Studio Placement Benchmark are now availble. Click here for an appointment with Dennis Nola!

Q: How do I transfer into the Landscape Architecture major?

A: Students who are interested in transferring into the Landscape Architecture major are welcome to meet with us for an advising session.

 Q: How do I become an landscape architecture student?

A: Any student who is interested in landscape architecture can become a landscape architecture major. We strongly encourage you to take at least one landscape architecture (LARC) class before declaring though.

Q: What happens if I don't get into studio? Can I still major in Landscape Architecture?

A: Yes. However, your four-year plan will most likely be extended as the studio courses must be taken in order and are only offered during specific semesters. You will first have to successfully meet the Studio Placement Review before you continue in the sequence.

Q: If I don't get into studio this year, can I apply to studio again next spring?

A: Yes. You can apply to studio again the following year. Students who choose to major in something else are still encouraged to apply to our Master of Landscape Architecture degree program after they have completed their undergraduate degree.

Q: What if I am planning on transferring from another institution?

A: For students currently or previously enrolled at another institution and have not attended the University of Maryland, College Park before, you must first follow the Office of Undergraduate Admission's process to apply as a transfer student. Following the same deadlines, please submit your portfolio to us to determine your studio placement and the duration of your undergraduate curriculum here at UMD.

For any other questions, please contact us!

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