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Advising for Undergraduate Students

All undergraduate LARC students are required to be advised by a faculty LARC advisor.

Students first go to Diana for course scheduling and then to their faculty advisor for career advising. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Check your advising appointment. This is the earliest you can register for classes after meeting with your advisor. This does not indicate when you will meet with your advisor; you should meet with your advisor prior to this date and time.
  2. Complete a schedule request form to indicate which classes you need.
  3. Print out schedule form Reminder: Class and advising blocks will not be lifted until after you see your faculty advisor so plan ahead.
    1. You can perform a Degree Audit by clicking here. If you have any questions please let us know during your advising visit. Please read this announcement about the new auditing system.
    2. You will find more information on your General Education requirements here. If you are a CORE student you will find more information here.
    3. Four-year plans are also very helpful. For the latest version please click here.
    4. Make sure to review our Advising FAQs page as some of your questions may already be answered there.
  4. Set up an appointment to meet with Diana for approval of schedule. Do not schedule an appointment during studio time or any other class.
    1. You can set an appointment here.* Make sure to add your name if it's not already automatically added.
    2. OR,  if none of the times above fit your schedule you may email Diana at to set up a time to meet. Include your UID# as well. You must bring in your schedule request form filled out; if not you will have to reschedule.
  5. Make an appointment to meet with your assigned faculty advisor (see below). Do not schedule an appointment during studio time or any other class.
  6. You will meet with your assigned faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will handle exceptions, answer unique advising questions that Diana cannot handle, and discuss your progress, goals, and academic direction.
  7. Get approval from your faculty advisor.
  8. Form must be returned to Diana and she will release classes. Advising blocks will not be removed without the approval of your faculty advisor.
  9. If you are declaring a minor, or already have done so, please make sure to consult your minor advisor to make sure you are on track there as well.

The designation of senior, junior, etc. is determined by your credit hours at the university and not by your studio.

Below please find the link to your assigned faculty advisor. Please notify Diana if you do not see your name. These assignments and other useful information will be posted outside the print room door with Henry the Advising Bee. Please buzz around there for more information.

You can find more information under our Advising FAQs page also. Please email Diana,, if you have questions about general advising not addressed in our FAQs page. Always include your UID# when emailing Diana.

Advising Assignments for Fall 2019
!!! Dr. Kweon's and Dr. Ellis's students: Please meet with the advisor whose inital appears next to your name. For example, VC = Dr. Vikki Chanse.
Victoria Chanse (VC)
Bansal, Antara
Berger, Maegan
Burkhardt, Ian
Escobar, Antonio
Foss, Garrett
Norris, Jason
Sellers, Manique
Sheredos, Lauren
(TBA) Dennis Nola (DN)

Barnes, Marquis
Duley, Olivia
Greenhawk, Rachel
Hall, Alexandra
Mellin, Conrad
Mueller, Alexander
Rodrigo, Karisha
Valeri, Javier
Young, Ryan
Chris Ellis
*Due to sabbatical you will have to meet w/another advisor this semester. 
Baker, Kevin
Harrington, Maria*(VC) 
Hazut, Arielle*(VC)
Herilla, Ryan*(VC)
Jackson, Jovon*(DN)
Lipka, Evan*(DN)
Smith, Abby*(DN)
Stancliff, Emily*(DM)
Whims, Jasmine
Byoung-Suk Kweon 
Sign-up for an appt. on Dr. Kweon's calendar!*
*Due to sabbatical you will have to meet w/another advisor this semester. 
Brashears, Dorielle
Fields, Allison*(DM)
Mayer, Paul
Padilla, Dayanara*(DM)
Richardson, Abigail*(JS)
Stebbins, Zaria* (JS)
Yom, Alex
David Myers (DM)
Cho, Seong
Dallwig, Jordan
Gonzalez, Nicole
Guardado Martinelli, Edith
Kisakye, Ian
Remesch, Gregory
Scott, Timothy
Tran, Cecilia
MacSorley, Linda
Manning, Mia
Dennis Nola
Brown, Kamani
Garcia, Catherine
Knaak, Andrew
Kohler, Jason
Samudio, Amilcar
Plotkin, Jordan
Schaum, Evan-Claire
Wilke, Audrey


Jack Sullivan (JS)
Sign-up for an appt. on Jack's calendar!*
Hwang, Christine
Pajaro, Heyner
Meilman, Jessica
Nola, Raena
Park, Junseo
Pullano, Michael
Rosenbaum, Erik
Wolfe, William
Updike, Sean
1st year BLAs** Dennis Nola- 
BLA Program Chair
Students not currently in sophomore-senior studio sequence please see Dennis Nola and Diana Cortez.

*Please note that if you are using your phone to schedule an appointment be sure the calendar is set to EST and not GMT.

**If you are interested in declaring your major to Landscape Architecture please email Diana at

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Undergraduate Catalog - Visit the Undergraduate Catalog for university policies, fee information, and much more! Also, view more information on the LARC major!

Job Shadow

Job Shadow is an excellent experience for students and it's a great way for the professional community to meet and inspire the next generation of Landscape Architects.

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