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Advising FAQs

Looking for information such as schedule of classes, final exam times, your unofficial or official transcript, student ID barcode, grades, graduation application, diploma access, waitlist check-in, etc? Visit for access to this and more!
You can also check out the Registration Guide provided by the Office of the Registrar! This guide contains information for all students regarding registration procedures and policies. Don't forget to browse through the Office of the Registrar's Current Students website as well as they have a lot of valuable information. For example, there you can find information about Inter-Institutional enrollment, D.C. Consortium enrollment, waitlist vs holdfile, withdrawal/leave of absence, undergraduate student classification, blocks, permissions, stamps, and much more. To read more about this visit the Registration page.

Quicklinks: UndergraduateGraduate | Resources | New Student? | International

Planning to graduate?

  • Verify with your faculty advisor that you have fulfilled graduation requirements.
  • Undergraduates: Make sure to look out for emails regarding mandatory audits with AGNR.
  • Graduates: Make sure to keep up with deadlines and forms for graduation. It is your responsibility to make sure these get submitted on time. The Thesis Procedures page may be helpful with keeping up with the timeline.
  • Apply for graduation on Testudo, under Graduation Application & Diploma Status.
  • View commencement information on
  • You can also visit for more information relating to the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources ceremony. Search for "Commencement."

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

For policies that apply to graduate students please visit Under the Current Students tab you will find information that may help you.
If you want to apply for a waiver, exception, etc. or need to transfer a course please fill out a form below and have your advisor and the Director of your program program sign it.
For more forms and explanation of policies, please visit the General Forms for Graduate Students page.


I am on the waitlist/hold file for a class, what does that mean?

Please visit the Waitlist & Holdfile page on the Office of the Registrar's website for more detailed information. Don't forget that you have to check-in before the first day of classes and then daily to remain on the list.  

I want to take a course at a community college. How do I get permission? 

Make sure to clear it with your faculty advisor first. Check with Transfer Credit Services if the course you are planning to take does transfer to the University of Maryland, and as the course you are hoping to satisfy. If it does, then you must fill out the Permission to Enroll at Another Institution form prior to registering for the class. 

I need to request special permission for one of the issues below. How do I do that?

  • Credit Limit- over 17 credits
  • Credit Limit- over 4 credits (winter term only)
  • Time Conflict
  • Late Add
  • Late/Retroactive Drop without a "W"
  • Late/Retroactive Drop with a "W"
  • Grading Method Change
  • Repeat Policy- over 18 credits
  • Repeat Policy- 3rd/4th attempt of same course
  • Enroll "off-campus" within final 30 credits
  • Exceed 4 Credit Drop Limit in One Semester
  • Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit
  • Other
Please complete a Policy Exceptions form. Make sure to discuss this with your advisor prior to submitting the form so that he/she is aware of the request. Do keep in mind that it is the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources who has the final authorization to approve or deny your request; not the department or program. It might also be to your benefit to read through the Policy Exceptions FAQs page.
I want to declare a minor. What are the next steps? Where can I find a list of all the minors on campus?
You can find a full list of minors on campus in the Undergraduate Catalog's Minors page in the Office of the Registrar's website. We do not advise on minors; you must see the office in charge of the minor you are interested directly. More information can be found in our Minors page.

Don't forget our department has a minor: Landscape Management! Check it out!

How can I check my academic progress?

You have access to a great tool with is Degree Navigator. It allows you to run an audit and see your progress so far. You can log in by visiting Testudo and then clicking on Degree Audit.

How can I find out my registration time?

You can find out by visiting Testudo and clicking on Appointment and Registration Status.

Where do I register for classes?

You can register (drop/add classes) by visiting Testudo and clicking on Registration (Drop/Add).

Where do I find CORE/GENED requirements?

Click on the appropriate category: CORE Requirements | GENED requirements

Are there any other resources for planning my schedule?

Yes, you also have access to Venus- Schedule Builder

I am planning on transferring to the University of Maryland, are there any classes I can take at my local community college?
Thanks for your interest in transferring to our program! It would be a great idea for you to contact us directly. But do make sure to also check with Transfer Credit Services to see if the course you are planning to take at your local community college does transfer to the University of Maryland, and as the course you are hoping to satisfy.

I want to drop a course. Should I talk to my advisor?

Please do so. Ultimately it is your decision but dropping a course may impact your time to graduation. Please talk to your faculty advisor to understand that consequences, if any, of dropping your course at this time. 

How do I apply for graduation?

Visit and click on the option for Graduation - How to Apply.

What is the policy for reenrollment?

You must visit University of Maryland's Admissions page and search for Re-Enrollment. If you have questions about academic dismissal/readmission you may also contact Dr. Evelyn Cooper (, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs in AGNR. You can find her contact information on the AGNR Meet the Staff page.
I've just been contacted by AGNR that I am required to have an audit for graduation. What does that mean?
All students who are planning on graduating are required to have an audit completed by their college. Please read the email you have received carefully. The review will include verification of completion of your CORE/GenEd requirements, number of credits earned, cumulative GPA, and other College-level requirements.  You will also receive information regarding the commencement ceremony and be asked to complete a Senior Exit Survey. After you have completed your last semester and your grades are submitted, the College, along with your advisor, will review your final transcripts to confirm you have met all requirements.  You will then be notified if you will receive your diploma or if you did not meet all of the requirements.
I want to withdraw from the university. How do I do that?
Before you withdraw, we recommend you speak to your faculty advisor. We also recommend you speak to Dr. Evelyn Cooper, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs, in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. You can find information on Withdrawal and Leave of Absence in the University of Maryland's Undergraduate Catalog for this year. It would be under the category for Registration, Academic Requirements, and Regulations. You may also find information on Withdrawal and Leave of Absence on the Office of the Registrar's webpage.

My question is not listed here. Who should I contact?

Please email Diana Cortez,, with your questions! Include your UID# in your email message.

Useful Resources

  • Services at MarylandIt's a one stop shop! Go here for access to TERPmail, Testudo, Student Services, and the Office of Extended Services.
  • Office of the RegistrarFind information for current students, including: campus maps, catalogs, commencement, final exams, petitions and forms, registration, schedule of classes, transfer credit, transcripts, residency classification, veteran benefits, and so much more!
  • TestudoFind the schedule of classes, access to your appointment and registration status, unofficial transcript, registration (drop/add), waitlist check-in, GPA calculator and much more!
  • Transfer Credit ServicesVisit for all information related to transferring courses from other institutions.
  • Library ResourcesNeed help with research? The Library has departmental liaisons who are specialized librarians that can help students find the relevant information for your projects. Departmental liaisons can also assist faculty to integrate future research projects into your syllabus and classroom.
  • College of Agriculture & Natural ResourcesVisit the College's website for permission to enroll at another institution, new student orientation, policy exceptions, and more!
  • The Graduate SchoolAccess calendars, general information, deadlines, information on awards, and access forms and publications here. General forms for graduate students, thesis and dissertation forms, graduate faculty forms, and fellowship and financial forms will be found here.
  • Counseling CenterFor counseling services, disability support, learning assistance, testing and research please visit the this center.
  • Student Success OfficeThe Student Success Office offers services and resources to assist students in completing their undergraduate degrees
  • For more resources, please visit our Campus & Other Resources page.
  • Office of Undergraduate Advising


New Students

First off, welcome to our department! If you are interested in declaring your major to LARC, and have not yet done so, please visit the Change Your Major page at > Students > Undergraduate Students. Also, set-up a time to meet with the faculty advisor for that major. If you have additional questions, please email Diana Cortez at dcortez@umd.eduYou can also check out our page for New Students for more information

International Students

Visit our International Students page for more information.
  • If you are graduating and need to request a letter of invitation from the University of Maryland you can request this from the ISSS here.
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