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LARC professor Jack Sullivan and 3rd year MLA student, Katelin Posthuma, part of winning team!

Team: Michael Hindle, Adam Ganser, Peter May, Katelin Posthuma, Carri Beer, Jack Sullivan | School: University of Maryland

Congratulations to Jack Sullivan (LARC Associate Professor) and Katelin Posthuma (MLA student)! 

Team members: Michael Hindle, Adam Ganser, Peter May, Katelin Posthuma, Carrie Beer, and Jack Sulilvan entered the 2015 Bmore Resilient Design Competition and receive the award for Most Resilient Concept – The bMORE Resiliency CO*OP Metrics!

"Project Narrative:

The rowhome neighborhoods of Baltimore will become more resilient to potentially catastrophic climate events by developing an empowering economic stability, a responsible environmental ethos and practice, and a confident, self-sustaining social interaction through mutually supportive alliances within and throughout their communities. These communities will thrive when economic, environmental and social justice prevails.

A “Community Cooperative” has the potential to bring people together with a common goal of adapting to expected and unanticipated risks and vulnerabilities. By applying creative thinking to innovative building solutions and maintenance, renewable energy access and efficient use, and intelligent natural resource development, protection, and reuse, small communities throughout the city will establish high-performance environments that will make them resilient to the vagaries of climate change."

For project narrative and more information on the entry, please visit their project page at:

Also, congratulations to two other University of Maryland teams that received: "Most Feasible Design" – Community Path (Team: Sadie Dempsey, Jack Carroll, Soo Lee, Adam Louie, Todd Connelly | School: University of Maryland); and Honorable Mention for: "Best Resilient Concept for an Existing Community - DIRT" (Team: Stephanie Deutsch, Renata Southard, Alexander Dzurec | School: University of Maryland).

For complete list of awardees, please visit:

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