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EPA’s Second Annual Campus RainWorks Challenge

Congratulations UMD!! 

Congratulations to Nancy Britt, Travis Wierengo, Shoshanah Haberman (PSLA) and Jaison Renkenberger (Civil and Environmental Engineering). Their submission to EPA’s second annual Campus RainWorks Challenge earned an Honorable Mention! A total of 84 student teams from 29 states submitted green infrastructure designs for the challenge. For more information, including a video of their submission and to see the winning entries see
EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge.  In addition to Jaison, Claire Muerdter, and Caleb Hii from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering also served as co-collaborators and provided input to all three team submissions. We want to recognize them and all the students for all their hard work and contributions.

The project was one of two major projects completed as a requirement of Dr. Victoria
Chanse’s LARC 748 fall studio. In addition to Victoria Chanse, PhD (PSLA), Karen Petroff
(Arboretum/Horticultural Services: Facilities Management), and Chris Ellis, PhD (PSLA) also
served as advisors.

Congratulations UMD!!



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