College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Landscape Architecture

Is Landscape Architecture right for you?

Who should major in Landscape Architecture?

You! Anyone interested in the environment and design.

What if I can’t draw?

We’ll teach you! Plus, we have a ton of computer design program at your disposal.

What does it mean to get a professional degree in Landscape Architecture ?

It means you’ll be out there designing sooner! Your undergraduate degree would be equivalent to a graduate professional degree in Landscape Architecture. Not all design programs are professional so in order to practice and be licensed you are required to attend a professional graduate degree program or work as an apprentice for many years- sometime up to 5+ years!

What will I learn to do?

You will learn how to beautify urban areas, create sustainable landscapes and even how to deal with some of the current issues such as water and land issues. You will learn how to work with architecture, engineering, art and the sciences in order to create tomorrow’s landscape architecture. Learn to change the world through outdoor spaces.

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