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Getting ready for thesis

If you're interested in seeing what previous students have worked on check out the MLA Thesis Projects page! 

Thesis Section Numbers

Once your chair has approved working with you, you can register for his/her LARC799 section. Please find section numbers below:

Faculty MemberFall and Spring SectionSummer Session ISummer Session II
Chanse, Victoria680101600260
Cook, Kelly480101480248
Ellis, Christopher380101380238
Kweon, Byoung-Suk580101580258
Myers, David450101340234
Sullivan, Jack440101440244

Chair and Committee Members

Students can select the Chair of their committe any time in the program but must select the Chair by the last day of class in Spring Semester of the 2nd Year of Study.

You should consider selecting your other committee members prior to the beginning of the Fall Semster before your third year.

Out of your three committee members, you must have two full members of the Graduate School Faculty. For a list of University of Maryland Graduate Faculty Members, please click here.

If you would like to nominate someone to be your third committee member who is not a member of the Graduate School please contact your Committee Chair as soon as possible.

Graduate School Deadlines an d Forms

It is your responsibility to keep track of the deadlines posted on the Graduate School Website. After you have completely filled out the forms, give a copy to Sharde Davenport, Executive Administrative Assistant

. These may be sent digitally to Sharde at You will be responsible for sending them to the Graduate School. Please CC Dr. David Myers, your thesis Chair, and Sharde Davenport. We recommend that you email them AND walk a copy over the the Graduate School.


If you have any questions please let us know as soon as possible.

Suggested MLA Thesis Benchmarks/Time Frame*


  • Upon consultation with the Chair, the student is required to invite two additional thesis committee members if not already slected andconfirmed .
  • The Committee has three required voting members. You can also have additional non-voting members upon consultation and approval by your Chair.
  • Two of the members must be Regular Members of the Graduate faculty.
  • Off-campus or individuals that are being considered for committee members that meet qualifications must be approved by vote of the PSLA faculty and approval of the Graduate School.
  • If you would like an off-campus committee member, you should work with your major advisor in early September and contact these individuals as soon as possible.
  • The Chair of the Committee is responsible for sponsoring an individual for vote a vote of the PSLA faculty and approval of the Graduate School.


  • By early October students are required submit Thesis Description for review by your full committee. 
  • By the end of October the student is required to meet with their full committee. 
    • To reserve conference rooms in PSLA please contact Sharde Davenport ( You may use the PSLA Intranet site to view availability. You may reserve 2107/2109 directly; other rooms are reserved by Sharde. Log in with your UMD email address and password.


  • A second committee meeting will be scheduled by the student in November.
  • All committe members must be determined if not already. 
  • If satisfactory progress has not been made at the November meeting you will be notified in writing by your Chair.


  • A third committee meeting will be scheduled by the student in December.
  • This December meeting is a review of the first phase of your work.
  • If satisfactory progress has not been made at the December meeting, you will be notified in writing by your Chair.
  • If satisfactory progress has not been made at both the November and December meetings, you will be notified in writing by your Chair. Upon notification of inadequate progress, you are required to extend your thesis investigation for one semester.



  • Schedule Committee Meeting.
  • Must electronically submit the Application for Graduation to the Registrar’s Office for graduation that semester. [Verify deadline with Graduate School.]


  • Schedule Committee Meeting: Submit final design concept, design development and details.
  • Must submit the Approved Program Form and Nomination of Thesis Committee Form to the Office of the Registrar, 1113 Mitchell Bldg. Committee form must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the scheduled defense; Master’s Non-Thesis Students: Last day to submit the Approved Program Form to the Office of the Registrar, 1113 Mitchell. [Verify deadline with Graduate School.]
  • You will be notified by the Chair after committee review whether you are making adequate progress towards completion of your thesis. If at that time you are notified that you are not making adequate progress, you will have to extend your thesis investigation through the summer and fall semesters. In the fall, you will register for one credit of LARC 799 and make your final oral presentation in December. You will submit your Thesis Book to your main advisor one week later and the final Thesis Book will be due one week prior to commencement.
  • If you do not participate in the final oral presentation at the end of the spring semester or if you are required to revise and represent your thesis, you must enroll in the fall semester (LARC 799, at least one credit) to have access to space and information technology. Meetings with thesis advisors during the summer and fall semesters are not guaranteed.
  • Committee review meetings will be scheduled once each month (February, March, and April) and the final thesis presentation will take place late April or early May. You will have approximately 2 weeks to complete your Thesis Book and submit it to your main advisor for review. The final Thesis Book is due one week before commencement.
  • Last week in March: Submit final document to committee two week prior to Final Presentation and Defense.


  • 1st Week in April: Final Presentation and Defense
    • This meeting will be scheduled by the student.
    • Participants include the members of the committee and any regular members of the graduate faculty.
  • Final public presentations and juried review.


  • Must electronically submit Thesis; Final day for students to send Report of Examining Committee Form to the Registrar, 1113 Mitchell; Final day to submit Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Publication Form to the Registrar; Master’s Non-Thesis Students: Final date to submit Certification of Master’s Degree Without Thesis Form to the Registrar, 1113 Mitchell Bldg. [Verify deadline with Graduate School.]
  • All Thesis Books must be substantially complete before the final review. Students eligible to graduate must submit three bound copies and a PDF of their final Thesis Book to the main thesis Chair prior to graduation. Check with you Chair about this requirement
  • Check Commencement/Graduation information at You can also visit http:/// and search for "Commencement."

     *Subject to change. Always verify with your Chair.

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